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Breath of Compassion is a unique, yet powerful technique for cultivating compassion, releasing trauma, relieving daily stress, and achieving states of elevated consciousness.  This practice, a partnership with your higher self and the Breath of Compassion, meets your highest need in any given session, profoundly, efficiently, and immediately healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Continuing breathwork is the quickest way to clear trauma you have stored for years in your body. It clears past-life trauma, ancestral trauma, and trauma from this life. Clearing trauma from the body allows you to move through the world with freedom and clarity. The more consistent your practice, the greater the rewards.

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ThetaHealing™ - Theta healing is energy healing that utilizes the biology of the brain to gain access to the quantum field.  Here, I can access the field of infinite potentiality, command the outcome that is wanted, and witness the healing, bringing it into 3D reality. With ThetaHealing, we can alter a person’s belief system, heal anxiety, release negative energies, create manifestations, and command physical healings. The only requirement for this healing is the belief in a higher power.