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A healer and transformation coach

Hi l'm Genevieve, Breathwork Facilitator, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Crystal Reader, Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Uplifter of Spirits.


I offer my clients the ability to claim their birth rites as

creators of their reality, as their own healers and own

gurus. You are extraordinarily powerful, and whether

you are aware of it or not, you are creating your life. I

will show you how to do this consciously.


Breath of Compassion is a simple, yet powerful technique for cultivating compassion, releasing trauma, relieving daily stress, and achieving states of elevated consciousness.  This practice, a partnership between your higher self and the Breath of Compassion,, meets your highest need in any given session, profoundly, efficiently, and immediately healing at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Join our bi-weekly breath workshops!

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Theta Healing™ is energy healing that utilizes the biology of the brain to gain access to the quantum field.  Here, I can access the field of infinite potentiality, command the outcome that is wanted, and witness the healing, bringing it into 3D reality. With ThetaHealing, we can alter a person’s belief system, heal anxiety, release negative energies, create manifestations, and command physical healings. The only requirement for this healing is the belief in a higher power.


Crystals are our spirit allies, and they have special frequencies and healing abilities.  I will connect to your higher self and the being of your crystal and find out how your crystal would like to support you on your path.  Each crystal is unique and will give a different reading.  You can ask your crystal a question as well!  Choose up to three crystals for your reading.

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A Piece of My Heart

What People are Saying

I had the honor of having a breathwork healing session with Genevieve a couple of times. Each experience was amazing and beautiful.  Genevieve took me through the process step by step, the healing benefits as well as what to experience from start to finish as well as the aftercare. Her explanation was simple but relevant and I felt immediately comforted by her. Throughout the session, Genevieve guided me into a deeper level of awareness through the breathwork technique. As I went deeper into the session, I completely surrendered and moved into a relaxing and calm space. The results were beautiful waves of energy that cleared all of the tension and stress I was feeling and any pockets where stuck emotion sitting in my body as well as raised my vibration helping me to feel lighter and with a more positive attitude. I was so relaxed I did not realize the time that had passed. I stayed in this state of well-being and connection to my spirit for days after, it was amazing!

The Breathwork is a beautiful modality to regain balance, mental clarity and to re-center emotions. Genevieve is an amazing healer who makes the space and experience so comfortable and gentle – her energy is infectious, and you feel like you are returning home when you see her. I would highly recommend her services.


Val Blair – Social Sanity

For support in healing your mind/body complex, book a call

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